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MiniGiochi.IT presents Air hokey

Technology in games Flash ® completely free.

You do not have to do is enjoy yourself.

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Air hokey

Who has my old age has already played at least once with this game live, people like me who frequented the arcades of the Adriatic coast in the summer will remember this spectacular game for two.

Space invaders

The game Prince of the 80s Space Invaders I do not think there is nothing to add all or bar we played in the legendary Taito machines or in some revision for home computer.


Another Arcade on the bar of the '80s heir of Space Invaders.


Here's another game of the legendary '80s, those of the first home computer and arcade games.


Tic tac toe is a little flash game that simulates the good old game that we were pulling guys from two lines on a sheet of paper during boring school lessons.


Who remembers this game? The game of a famous company that sold toys at Christmas ever, but ensure that you recall, we'll definitely play too.


Pacman, I say more? Yes, play!.


It was fun at the dawn of electronics, home patios are console with which we had fun and games were like this.

Hot tub

Classic Arcade Bar 80, move with the arrow keys and fight the enemies with the space bar.

Monkey menace

Monkey Menace is a game that very much recalls the first few games for gameboy color.

Breakout 2d

The Crashwall, classic arcade game from the mid 70s to today.

Star ball

One particular Crashwall, with special shots, explosive traps and much more.


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