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MiniGiochi.IT presents Alienattack

Technology in games Flash ® completely free.

You do not have to do is enjoy yourself.

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Alien Attack is an old game set in a world where aliens with your weapons you must defend the base from enemies.


Shoot and run! You can not do anything if you do not want to be killed by the strange mechanisms that we are meeting.

Crusader tank

We return to a classic game, you're driving a heavy tank and you must destroy all obstacles appear before you to get to the end of the picture.

Desert fire

You have a mission, escorting supply convoys in the desert and take out all the enemies who want to stop you, so jump on your helicopter and fight.

Naval fighter

Unbelievable but someone managed to build a weapon capable of destroying the crazy world, you have to IPED, then take the plane suitable for carrying out the mission and save the world from its destruction.


Wow a real stormboat as that of the film Apocalypse Now.


Tank! The game is to move the tank firing at the enemies you will encounter it.

Tank 2008

Tank! as the previous one, but you notice is the restyling.


A classic arcade games, you fly your plane and shoot all that is meeting.


Dogfight, literally fighting dog, but do not expect to see the funny man's best friend.


Try to save your mushrooms from animals that want to eat them.

Frantic frigates

Captain jumping aboard his frigate and defeat all the pirates and kill the sharks that our sea is infested.

Dogfight sim

Hunt down enemy aircraft and cut it down, but watch out for the anti-aircraft, in short, is a good game but it's hard to stay in the air.

Battlefield shooter 2

You're back in the hunt for enemies, your sniper task is to stop the enemy before he can destroy the headquarters.

Anti Terror Force

You are a soldier of counterterrorism, you have to eliminate all the threats that come at you.


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