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Online help for beginners and experts

For the answer, follow this tutorial on the Adobe website ®

Certain that installing the Adobe Flash plugin on a smartphone, you can always see and try to play, but from my experience I can only say that this is very frustrating.

Perhaps the best thing is to try to use a tablet, but keep in mind that most of the games in Flash technology are not made for so small screens and use your fingers instead of a mouse or keyboard.

Yes the site is completely free and you do not enroll in any part of it.
For different reasons. First of all, the pages pleased matters relating to rules, such as privacy, they are relative to the laws of the State of which the work site. Then translate with Google translator application, it is not exactly the best of what you can do. I think fits the captions beneath the games, but for more serious things like laws, better than anyone who wants to, turn ON tradurselo for itself. Perhaps does it better than it is capable of doing and I in the end the result will be better. Thanks anyway, Mark Grace