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MiniGiochi.IT presents its games

Technology in games Flash ® completely free.

You do not have to do is enjoy yourself.

Ultimo gioco caricato



Fight against the challengers, hit with the sliders and the sparring bar; the character moves by itself.


Billiards in three dimensions.

Acorn defense 3

Use the squirrels to defend the territory and take acorns.

Air hokey

Who has my old age has already played at least once with this game live, people like me who frequented the arcades of the Adriatic coast in the summer will remember this spectacular game for two. For those who did not have to remember here's a version from computers that try to send the disk into the hole. Have fun.


Alien Attack is an old game set in a world where aliens with your weapons you must defend the base from enemies.So far no novelty in play, the small difference compared to other games of this type shoot'em up here is that when you shoot you must be careful not to hit your own ships, so watch out!'five minutes a game in the series, short but intense to vent a little, maybe after a hard day's work.

Anti Terror Force

You are a soldier of counterterrorism, you have to eliminate all the threats that come at you.


Here's another game of the legendary '80s, those of the first home computer and arcade games. To move the ship use the arrow keys, shoot with spacebar, and ctrl + shift enter hyperspace useful to get out of trouble when the meteorite fragments are too many. To start playing, you must accept the license by clicking on Yes, I Understand


Astro Boy helps to eliminate the meteors with powerful punches and kicks. You move with the four arrow keys and throws kicks and punches with the space bar, good fun.

Atv extreme

Help your "> ATV's (All Terrain Vehicle) and let him overcome all obstacles with magical pirouettes.Use the arrow keys to move the vehicle.


Defend your territory from the invasion of monsters and by the lords of the underworld.

Ball in troubles

Can you collect all the stars? To do this you must act on the arrow keys.

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